Ziner App for iPad users converts Google Reader RSS Feeds in to a digital magazine

Ziner App developed by Creator3D will turn all your Google reader RSS feeds in to an amazing digital magazine so that users don’t get bored while reading the news content.

User require Google reader account to access the App and it will not let the users to add additional feeds. This functionality of the App is similar to the Flipboard.

Ziner iPad App

The App users can quickly switch between the articles and get back to the main page of the App just by a single tap on the back button. Users are provided with different options as they can alter the items rank, change themes, restyle the article by increasing font style, color scheme and text size.

App features:

  • Users can cache images of top 1,000 articles
  • Star articles and mark them as unread
  • Manage all their Google reader feeds (add, remove, rename and reorder)
  • Assign ranks to articles either to display the older ones first or newest first
  • Post the articles to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Google Plus
  • Users can even save their favourite articles to Evernote, Pocket or Instapaper
  • Shell out article images via Flickr, Instagram or Camera roll
  • Double tap on the article to get directed to summaries
  • Users can organize articles in to different folder and on tapping each folder, user will be directed to individual feed.


Languages: English and Chinese

The App is available for $4.99 at iTunes App store.

Download link for iPad version:https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id565892456?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4.

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