Top 10+ iPhone and Android Meditation Apps

I remember those times I had to go under a tree, sit in the shade with my legs in the style of a Kung Fu fighter, close my eyes and then start meditating. It was quite a lovable experience. And until the top iPhone and Android Meditation apps came, the traditional method remained the only way.

Today, Google Play Store and iTunes has the most popular and effective apps for mediation, the tops ones that you should install in your phone and use for meditation. Whether you want to calm down from anger, want to remember how you found problems to solutions in the past or simply want to meditate to relax your mind and find your perfect peace, top iPhone and Android Meditation apps will help you do that just.

These apps are updated regularly, a sure enough indication that you will always get new content from time to time, which can help you meditate better and find peace for your mind and life. Now instead of sitting under a tree or doing those normal meditation exercises, you can wholly rely on these apps to enrich you with new ways to meditate from time to time. Be sure you will get new content regularly, which will help you become a better person overtime.

The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App For Android

The Mindfulness App For iPhone – meditation – meditation App For Android – meditation App for iOS


buddhify app for Android

buddhify app for iOS

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax


Calm App for Android

Calm App for iOS

Simply Being


Simply Being app for Android

Simply Being app for iOS

Relax and Rest Meditations


Relax and Rest Meditations App for Android

Relax and Rest Meditations App for iOS

Living in Love


Living in Love App for Android

Living in Love App for iOS

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind App

Smiling Mind App for Android

Smiling Mind App for iOS



Equanimity App for iOS

Omvana – Meditation for Everyone

Omvana app

Omvana App for iOS

Meditate – Meditation Timer

Meditate Meditation Timer app

Meditate app for Android

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