AppFx Design Launches checklist application, AnyList.Cloud for iPhone users

Life becomes messy if you are unable to organize all your daily tasks and manage them effectively. The latest App, AnyList.Cloud has been launched to help you simplify all your daily tasks. This check list application will run perfectly on the offline or online mode of cloud.

The App has simple and smooth user interface through which users can quickly enter the data and create list in few second. The App has an inbuilt features that lest the users to create a list that comprise of different things is quick time. App

Interesting features of the App:

  • Uses can set reminder for important checklist and add it to the calendar
  • Arrange items on the screen in a simple way
  • Summary information about the checklist is displayed for users at very screen
  • By status, users can filter items within the checklists
  • Users can share or receive folder from other users and shell out important lists to their friends
  • App provides backup for all data or lists created within the App.
  • App can work in both offline and online mode and the data gets synchronized automatically when you work in offline mode and later switch to online mode.
  •  Supports retina display and iPhone 5 screen display iPhone App

AnyList.Cloud is the first ever check list App that works on cloud computing technology and to avail this amazing, users must visit iTunes official App store.

Download link to grab the App:

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