Blockheads – a classic and unique sand box game for iPhone users

Blockheads, a new sand box game designed specially for iPhone users. The game is similar to Minecrafts, but blockheads has more intuitive and unique game play.

The game play of blockhead will make it as the best choice for most of the mobile players. Users on downloading the App must create their own world and then start exploring the world. Player on tapping at any place on the created world, makes your little man to reach that place and you must take utmost care while driving the little man to dig ground and pick resources to gain more points.

Blockheads gaming App

Players have to make sure that the little fellow gets enough food to eat and take rest to face difficulties that come in his way. You can find several nuts, berries, nibbles and dodos to fed him while exploring the world.

Players get excited while playing due to amazing graphical visuals and background sound effects. The instant change in color schemes of the game leaves players with an amusing puzzle experience.

Blockheads iPhone gaming App


  • Design tools with available resources to work faster and find out more useful resources
  • Upgrade workbenches to unlock advanced items that can be helpful in creating spears and tools
  • Find out precious stones, rare plants and animals while exploring
  • Create a boat to navigate through the oceans by using accurate nightsky guide

This game is available for free download at the iTunes official App store.

Visit to download the gaming App.

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