Google introduces a new App to provide team logistics service coordinate for iPhone users

Google has launched anew App for iPhone users named Coordinate. The App requires a workforce management tool and Google coordinate license to use for targeted business. The App users cannot login through their Google accounts.

Google Coordinate App

The App has following features:

The count of employees is increasing at rapid sped in the present business environment and this coordinate App will help out users to enable businesses to share real time locations in just few clicks.

Users can manage their daily tasks and Google coordinate will help out the users to capture entire information required to execute a specific job and assign them to other team members by providing immediate notifications.

Google coordinate will let the users or admins to modify the fields that every mobile team requires to capture, collect contact details of the clients directly from the App.

Google Coordinate iPhone App

The coordinate App has been designed to enhance the efficiency of groups by getting a real time view of the teams and tasks performed by them. Using this live information, business owners can use their resources in a better way by allocating the work to best workers in the team.

The App is currently available in New Zealand’s Apple App store and it will roll out in San Francisco stores and other parts of the world in next few days.

The free version of this Google coordinate App is available at the link:


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