Photonia App for iPhone users to make collage of photos

Photonia App developed bye Darinsoft is the best option to make collage of all your favorite and best loved photos. It lets the users to instantly organize all their photos on to frames or even make more creative frames by using free form collages, filters, add stickers and add border or text.

Photonia App

This App is similar to photo shop available at your finer tips. It has several advanced features that aids user in creating amazing photo frames.

Awesome features of the photonia App:

  • App includes 53 in-built templates and users can are provided 150 types of cool stickers to choose from.
  • Users can find 43 top designed photo frames and 44 types of backgrounds.
  • Users can add text and edit text in a quick time.
  • Make use of 15 cool photo effects to make the photograph more appealing.
  • App users can create their own templates
  • Enhance the photo by rotating, zooming and positioning each photo that is added to photo frame
  • Users can save created photo frame to camera roll or share them via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Photonia iPhone App

How to use the App:

  • Open the App and select a specific template
  • Alter the picture of template or apply filters to modify the photo frames
  • Decorate you entire work with stickers or add texts
  • Save the template on your Cameraroll for re-usability
  • Save the created photo frame and share it to friends.

Get the App for $ 1.01 at iTunes App store or tap the link: for direct download.

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