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Communication is like a basic necessity of human life. Busy & hectic schedules, responsibilities and work usually don’t spare enough time to get in touch with the closed to heart ones. Apart from that, there is no guarantee that two people want to talk with each other would be available at the same time. Chatting apps have already proved that they are her to stay, and there are hundreds of chatting apps out there. Few chat apps discovered the basic features one would need during a chat and they were widely accepted. Few of such apps are enlisted below with their prime features that make them popular. All of these apps can be found in AppStore, if you use an iPhone.

Skype for iPhone

Skype for iPhone - iPhone Chat App  Skype for iPhone - iPhone Chat App

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Skype is revolution in online chatting. People can both voice and video calls to each other through this fantastic app. Available for free for any operating system. Skype calls are chargeable only if the calls are made from the app to any mobile phone or fixed line. For this the users have to buy Skype credits through their credit cards. Available for almost all countries, Skype is the best app to conduct group chats too. Finding a new contact that is already on Skype database is too.

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger - iPhone Chat App  Yahoo! Messenger - iPhone Chat App

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This is another free app from Yahoo! Users need a Yahoo ID to log in. This was one of the first free online chatting apps to be available for free for both voice chats and video chats. The only problem with this app is that you need a Yahoo ID and the desired person to be contacted has to be in your contact list or you have to get it from the other person in order to add him/her to the contacts.

IM+ Instant Messenger

IM+ Instant Messenger - iPhone Chat App  IM+ Instant Messenger - iPhone Chat App

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This is the app that allows you to access chatting platforms other online chat services like Facebook, Yahoo, Live Messenger and ICQ. Unique features include off-the-record messaging if your communication has to be discreet with no chat records. Group chats and multimedia sending is also allowed in IM+.

Your messaging stays covered when you are away or offline with a customized message. This customized message appears on the screen of the person who pings you while you are offline.


eBuddy - iPhone Chat App  eBuddy - iPhone Chat App

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This is just another online chatting app that brings all chatting platforms into one place and makes you available on each of those chatting services you have synced the app with. You can stay online and receive push notifications for the incoming messages while you decide to take a break.

Infinite SMS – Free Text Messages

Infinite SMS – Free Text Messages - iPhone Chat App  Infinite SMS – Free Text Messages - iPhone Chat App

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You can send or receive free text messages. The users are also allowed to pick their own fixed phone numbers. It comes with a free version which is ad-supported, but the paid one is free of commercial and promotional ads. It uses the Google Voice account and to activate the push notifications you need to pass through the two step verification process set by Google Account.

Chat for Google Talk

Chat for Google Talk - iPhone Chat App  Chat for Google Talk - iPhone Chat App

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This is a free app from Google itself, for keeping a track around your Gmail contacts. Google Talk keeps you online in Google Services and gives you a notice if you have a new mail or chat. This app is known for its faster responses and ease-to-use.


Trillian - iPhone Chat App  Trillian - iPhone Chat App

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Trillian is an app that keeps all your devices in sync with each other rather than just being an online chatting platform. So, if you have something in your iPhone, this app will save it in other iOS devices you have synced with. The communication line is pretty secured as far as Trillian is concerned. It accessed the internet both from Wi-Fi Hotspots and data cards. Of course, it can be connected with Facebook, GTalk, AIM, MSN, ICQ and Jabber etc.

Chat Lobby

Chat Lobby - iPhone Chat App  Chat Lobby - iPhone Chat App

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It is a free chat app by an independent app developer Jim Young. It’s actually a real time chatting group that might help you exploring new possibilities in your personal and professional life. It is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


WeChat - iPhone Chat App  WeChat - iPhone Chat App

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This is an application that keeps the voice chats, texts and video messages in your pocket. People can send their audio or video clips with their messages within them and the receivers can access them anytime. The sound clarity of both voice and video calls through app is admirable, just crystal clear. It can also be used in a featured walkie-talkie mode with up to 40 friends. People can share, like and comment on the messages too. WeChat is known for its fast responses.

IMO Messenger

IMO Messenger - iPhone Chat App  IMO Messenger - iPhone Chat App

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You can call your family or friends for free in IMO Messengers. Users can broadcast unique things and people can access to those broadcast according to their personal interests. This app is searchable chat history enabled. It supports almost all other social networking chat apps like Facebook, Yahoo, MS, Live messenger, AIM and many more.

Flurv – Meet, Chat & Friend

Flurv – Meet, Chat & Friend - iPhone Chat App  Flurv – Meet, Chat & Friend - iPhone Chat App

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Flurv is a global platform for meeting people sharing same interests. This chat traces and finds availability of the users in your contacts in your current location. As a result you can meet new people with whom you have been only chatting since ages. Flurv is powered with unique in-app features those are not seen in other online chatting apps.

FriendCaller Video Chat

FriendCaller Video Chat - iPhone Chat App  FriendCaller Video Chat - iPhone Chat App

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This app links to a free platform and database allowing rich media messaging. Video calls, voice calls, conferencing, texting/SMS to anyone; all for free. If the user gets his/her own phone number, he/she can get free SMS/ calls too. No prior browser integration is needed. It works just fine like that.

ooVoo Video Call, Text and voice

ooVoo Video Call, Text and voice - iPhone Chat App  ooVoo Video Call, Text and voice - iPhone Chat App

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There are two things this app has to offer which are unmatched. First, free multi-stream video calls and 12 people capacity of that streaming and second, unsurpassed stability and high resolution with zero noise. The concept of dropped calls just doesn’t exist in case of ooVoo.

Tango Text, Voice and Video

Tango Text, Voice and Video - iPhone Chat App  Tango Text, Voice and Video - iPhone Chat App

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Tango not only specialises in high quality voice calls, text chats, video calls, photo & video sharing, but also it is a free gaming console with many more features. It’s like the whole internet world in just one app.

Nimbuzz Messanger

Nimbuzz Messanger - iPhone Chat App  Nimbuzz Messanger - iPhone Chat App

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When it’s Nimbuzz, everything is free and unlimited. It combines almost all messengers and other powerful internet services into one. The users can customize their chat wallpapers, activate landscape mode, sort their contacts, block their contacts and share their location to a certain person too.

Free Foto Messenger (FFM)

Free Foto Messenger (FFM) - iPhone Chat App  Free Foto Messenger (FFM) - iPhone Chat App

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The users just have to choose a username and have to know the to-be-contacted one’s username. Users can send photo and text for free to anywhere in the world. Its hassle free registration makes it popular.


WhatsApp - iPhone Chat App  WhatsApp - iPhone Chat App

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WhatsApp is a top rated app for text, image and video sharing. The users have to register themselves with their phone numbers and the app finds out the friends or relatives in the WhatsApp database through the phone numbers saved in the iPhone’s contact list. This is an automatically operating app that finds and connects to your friends automatically when they sign in with the app.

TextNow + Voice

TextNow + Voice -iPhone Chat App  TextNow + Voice -iPhone Chat App

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An application for free texting, voice calls and multimedia sharing. The unique features about this app are that it is superfast, allows signatures and allows customized voicemail greeting.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger - iPhone Chat App  Facebook Messenger - iPhone Chat App

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You can text your friends from Facebook though this app. It makes you available in the chat bar 24×7.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger - iPhone Chat App  Kik Messenger - iPhone Chat App

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It is the one of its kind app which emphasizes upon the privacy. It also uses the phone numbers and user ids to log into the app. This app is fast, simple and personal.

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