Top 4 Essential Hunting Game Apps for iPhone

Hunting games are considered as the most popular genre on Smartphone as they are preferred by wide range of users. These games come with top quality graphics, exciting features and ensure realistic gaming experience.

Top Essential Hunting Game Apps for iPhone

Big Buck Hunter Pro

Most of the hunting game fans might have heard about arcade fanatic fans of Big Buck Hunter. Arcade fun is brought to iOS by this app version, with an exciting gameplay, online leaderboards, affordable price and more, thereby making a solid hunting game.

This game comes with realistic graphics even though it focuses less on 3D experience compared to other apps.

Big Buck Hunter Pro

Download Big Buck Hunter Pro App for $0.99

Deer Hunter 3D

Deer Hunter 3D, it is a solid contender app for all the iPhone devices with stunning graphics. This application is derived from the original, mostly preferred all time hunting game named Deer Hunter and relatively it is a faithful adaptation.

The game comes with crisp and sharp graphics, the system requirements are not so high (iOS 3.0 or up) and can get the app for affordable cost.

In this outdoors app, moose, deer, turkeys, bear and more are hunted along with change in 30 different locations, weather seasons and lots of hunting weapons. Developer Glu Games has a strong app with Deer Hunter 3D.

Deer Hunter 3D

Download Free Deer Hunter 3D App

Carnivore: Dinosaur Hunting

One can fulfill dinosaur hunting fantasies with this innovative shooting app from the developer Tatem Games. You will take vital game hunting needs out on exotic planet, perfectly loaded with Jurassic Park-esque monsters, tears to virtual chops.

One can get this game in two different modes such as Hunting and Survival for greatest value.

Carnivore Dinosaur Hunting

Download Carnivore Dinosaur Hunting App for $2.99

Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting

Did you ever try hunting with M-134 Minigun? How about with Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher? Do not try in real life but feel free to loose on Outdoor Shooting game of Kim Rhode with the weapons on assortment of virtual critters.

Also, you will find a standard assortment to hunt weapons and many other exotic weaponry bits. For some reason, players relish prospect of bear hunting using machine guns and rocket launchers.

Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting

Download Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting App for $2.99

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