JoyBits Releases a Major Update to Its Doodle God iOS Game

JoyBits has launched a major update to its iOS puzzle game, Doodle God. The new update offers a slew of new features and provides much more entertainment to the players.

Doodle God

The updated version brings a new puzzle mode to the players. This mode is almost similar to that of the main game mode, but includes a twist. In this mode, players cannot combine the items aimlessly and they have to find something that really works. Players need to make a particular item in order to complete the puzzles.

Additionally, the game also provides a series of quests where each quest carries a different objective. This mode consists of 3 unique endings. There is also another quest where the player is involved in creating an invention from every decade of 20th century. The game also presents a new artifacts feature.

Doodle God game

The update has even added few new combinations for the formerly existing modes available in the game. Some new achievement were also been added to the game and the mini-games have been enhanced for arcade fans.

You can download the updated version from the Apple App Store. You need to spend $1.99 to grab this puzzle game.

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