Jucy Bits Launches Halftone App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users

Halftone is an amazing App launched by Jucy Bits and this App allows the users to turn their photos in unique comics and share it among their close Friends and family.

With this simple photo filter App, users can easily add paper styles, insert captions, speech balloons and fonts to the photos. The final image created after adding different styles can be sent to friends through e-mail or the art can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Haltone App

Users can even send the photos as real post card through mail and the App has been integrated with Camera+ to enhance the speed and style of image capturing.

The App has come with full size image editing features that comprises of auto enhance, cropping option, rotation, brightness, saturation, sharpness,whiten and red eye.

Halftone iPad App

Users can make use of nine layouts that can be added to the images along with multiple caption styles. The App provides you with an ability to use fonts of any size like small , medium or large and users can add three licensed fonts to their photos that includes Digital strip, Alter ego and Flying robot.

Halftone is supportive to front facing camera, flash modes , tap-to-focus and full size images.  The App is compatible with any iOS device and users can download App by visiting the official iTunes App store.

Download link:https://itunes.apple.com/app/halftone/id419957803?mt=8

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