Just Click on the Share Button: Everyone Can View and Read Stories Anywhere Using Circa Web View

Few months back, Matt Galligan’s latest app for iOS, Circa, broken down the stories into consumable parts so that you can be able to follow something as it occurs. It was specifically useful at the time of elections.

Yesterday, that is on 6th December 2012, Circa has announced the inclusion of a web view to its services, to mainly support the activity that is going on within the app. Basically, now you can begin to read a story on your iPhone or iPad and then choose it up on the desktop later. Additional to this, you will also be able to share your desired story parts with your friends, and they don’t need to download this app to view your shared story.

Circa Web View
The model looks like beautiful, much like Circa app itself. You can jump from one story to another using keyboard shortcuts, right and left or tap A or O to view the total story or simply the part you have fallen on. This ensures that the news of Circa will get spread over the internet, a program that cannot be forgotten, particularly when coming to the actual content.

Sharing is very easy with Circa app. If you wish to share complete story or a part of it, you can just click on the button – share, and then select your desired network.

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