Kendall Hunt Introduces Mathcabulary, an Educational Game App

Kendall Hunt publishing company has publicized the availability of an educational game app named ‘Mathcabulary’ to support the students in building their math vocabulary.

Kendall Hunt Mathcabulary App

To play this game, the students should find out as many words as possible within 2 minutes on a game board. Then points are given based on the number of letters in a word and bonus points are given for the mathematical words. At the end of the game, the definitions of the math words are provided which are available on the board. The app find outs the best 3 scores on the device. This game can be played alone or against a player.

Kendall Hunt MathcabularyKendall Hunt Mathcabulary

Janet Meyers who is the Director of Product Development said that developing the math vocabulary and the ability of communicating mathematically is a major goal of CCSS (Common Core State Standards) for Mathematics. Janet Meyers has also told that they have built this app to provide fun as well as to make the students aware of the mathematical terms which they learn in their classroom math curriculum and also to gain the knowledge and understand the definitions of the new mathematical terms which they didn’t come across.

Mathcabulary app highlights:

  • You will have fun while learning the mathematical terms and creating words.
  • This can be played alone or against another player.
  • Get the best score and look how long you maintain that.

This app is available at iTunes App Store for free, and it is compatible with any Apple device, including iPod touch models, iPads, and iPhones. The app supports any math program and supports the students of grade 3 and above.

Download link for Mathcabulary app:

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