Kenneth Mayfield Introduces a Photo Filter App for iOS

Entrepreneurial iOS developer, Kenneth Mayfield has introduced an iOS app. The Fun L‘il Stamp application is an uncomplicated, fast photo app for camera and stamp collecting lovers. This app has a beautiful interface and fun filled special filters and it is currently available for iOS 6 iPod touch and iPhone.

Fun L'il Stamp App

This photo filter app consists of 12 filters including 2 unique kind of filters. The two filters, ‘Watercolor’ and ‘Sketch’ alter the user’s live camera feed into a colorful art.

App features:

  • Two unique, special filters
  • Fun filled, simple photo app
  • Making use of Bug Button, you can send your feedback without email
  • Twelve filters are available
  • Upload good images to cloud storage
  • You can sign in using your cloud or Facebook account for photo backup and sharing, or capture photos without sign in
  • Live image filters, view your filter in-camera

This is a free-to-use app which needs iOS version 6.0 or later. It is optimized for iPhone 5. Grab this photo filter app from Apple App Store and have fun!

Fun L’il Stamp app download link for iOS devices :

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