Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite App Review

If you are looking for an educational plus entertainment game application for your preschool aged kid, this is the perfect game for you. This game educates as well as entertains your kids. Try this game once, see how your kid gets absorbed to this game!

Kids Preschool Puzzle App

When you get into the game, you find an image outline to your right and some colorful pieces to your left. The goal of this game is to drag the colorful pieces and place each piece in the appropriate position on the image to make up a colorful picture. Once your kid finishes doing a puzzle, a delightful lady voice will congratulate your kid for doing great job and tells about what the picture depicts.

Kids Preschool Puzzle Game

There are various categories of images like numbers, animals, geometric figures and so on. You are allowed to select any category picture. With this app, your kid feels that he/she is working with a sketchbook on the screen. Your children can learn the words like names of the things, vegetables, animals, fruits, numbers and different shapes.

Kids Preschool Puzzle Review

The graphics are clear and bright which help your kids to learn new colors and develop their imagination. The game consists of a joyful sound track which entertains the kids of varied age groups. This game helps the kids in improving their drawing, abstract thinking, motor, language and pronunciation. Download this wonderful app for your kids and see how they play and enjoy the game!

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