Kindle App for iOS Receives A Major Update

Amazon’s Kindle app for iOS has just got a significant revamp, which adds some cool new features that should delight both general readers and students.


The latest version brings a couple of new features exclusively for students. The first one is the ability to convert key phrases from the X-Ray for Textbooks feature, or your desired highlights and also notes into flashcard sets in order to study. But this option is only compatible with print replica textbooks.

The second one is the enhanced in-book search functionality. Now the search functionality in print replica textbooks is much effective and rapid than before. As you type something in the search field, the app will suggest you terms based on the phrases in the book. Moreover, the company says that the results are nearly instantaneous and the students will like the convenience and speed.

Furthermore, the update also brings the following features exclusively for Readers:

  • Notebook Filters: Users are now allowed to smoothly filter highlights, notes, bookmarks, and even particular colored highlights, which provides the best way to find annotations. You can even navigate directly to your desired annotated passages.
  • Page Footers: You can now view page numbers or the remaining time in book on the lower left of the page footer. You can also toggle between page numbers, time left in a book or a blank footer by just clocking on the empty/text area. You can also disable page footer through Settings menu.
  • X-Ray Update: You can now sort X-Ray characters as well as terms by alphabets and relevance.
  • The Dictionary’s design has been completely overhauled for Apple’s latest OS, which provides a much easier way for users to toggle between purchased dictionaries and alternate language.
  • Enhancements to performance and stability.

Kindle app

Moreover, the update also includes the ability to view which collections a book already corresponds to and can add/delete from several collections with multi edit functionality. Users will find it much smoother to monitor their collections.

That’s definitely a long list, but the major addition in the update is notebook filters. This revamp with welcome new features should definitely please dedicated Kindle app users.

iOS users can download the latest version of Kindle app directly from the link given below. The app is compatible with devices that run on iOS 6.0 or above firmware.

Kindle download link for iOS (free)

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