kingPin – a full-featured controller App for iPhone gamers

The Kingpin App, a full-featured controller helps the iOS gamers to customize and reinvent the way of playing games on their iPhone devices.

Every gamer must pin the game to KingPin and control the game directly from your iPhone device. The digital and highly customized interface of the App allows the players to personalize their game controls and gives them the feeling of console type gaming.

KingPin App

The kingpin board available on the App will let the users to browse different variety of games that are compatible and supportive to KingPin. Players on using the App can even add and view the games pinned by their friends along with the game ratings.

KingPin iPhone App

Features of the KingPin:

  • Players can use their iPhone as a controller and play games to get an amazing gaming experience.
  • Users can add friend and compare the users rating to find out games that are worth pinning.
  • KingPin doesn’t offer only one controller layout, users can now customize the controller based on the game they prefer to play.
  • View and compare the games that are supportive to kingPin controller
  • Kingpin provides an option to changes the button’s position on the controller to make it more convenient for the players.

Download this free KingPin App from the iTunes App store by clicking the link:

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