Launch Center Pro Lands On iPad, Updates iPhone Version

Launch Center Pro, the handy iPhone app that provides the best way to instantly launch actions within apps, has headed its way to iPad. Alongside the launch of iPad version, iPhone edition has also been revamped with a handful of new features and enhancements.

Launch Center Pro

Unlike standard app launcher, this Launch Center Pro app provides you the ability to launch certain in-app actions. For instance, you will be able to send a tweet, text message, instantly post to Facebook, create an important calendar appointment, or send an email without opening the corresponding app and clicking through annoying bunch of settings.

The app leverages the big screen’s larger canvas by providing larger grid for creating groups and actions. The app provides a smoother way to implement actions you have already built in the iPhone version, teams up with Dropbox, gives you the ability to use Fleksy keyboard, and many.

Moreover, the iPad edition works similar to its iPhone version, users do not find any dramatic difference between both of them. Indeed iPad version is a bigger Launch Center Pro.

In addition to the iPad version, Contrast, the company behind the app has also released a significant update to the iPhone app. Here’s the complete changelog of the latest version for iPhone:

  • Ability to create new text files as well as append/prepend new ones in the Dropbox.
  • Support for text-to-speech functionality: just launch://speak?text=
  • Ability to create dictionary actions.
  • Added support for voiceover functionality.
  • Ability to move actions into and between groups using a new Move Action button available in the editing panel.
  • Added multitouch group support.
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

All of these features are available both for iPhone and iPad users, though the iPad edition is a separate download. Both of the apps are downloadable via the following links.

Launch Center Pro download link for iPad ($4.99)

Launch Center Pro download link for iPhone ($2.99)

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