Instagram Releases a New App for Creating Personalized Layouts

The entry of Instagram’s Layout for iOS is a well thought out release. The app will allow iOS users (Android coming soon) to create photo collages easily and then share them with friends. And the best thing is that you do not need a Facebook or an Instagram account to use Layout for iOS. The app enables users to place their photos into a grid, quite a great way to show multiple images within a single post on Instagram.


You can drag and drop the images placed into the grid to re-arrange them. Enjoy the freewill of pitching and pulling photo until the layout is just the way that you want it to be. The flip and rotate feature on the Layout for iOS makes it possible for every user to crate this kind of cool re-arrangement and mirror effect, resulting to the best image collages that has come to the Instagram’s platform for the first time in technology history.

What is more interesting about Layout is that it makes it possible for the users to see all the images in their camera roll. For now, users can pick a maximum of nine photos, which they can use to create personalized photo mix and share with friend.

Layout from Instagram Download for iOS

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