Learner Mosaic: new app launched for parents

Kidaptive, a company known for making children’s educational apps for iPad has come out with the release of a new app which is known as Learner Mosaic. This latest app lets parents of children know how well their child is performing and progressing based on the activity as well as the behavior of the child within the Kidaptive applications.

Learner Mosaic

Kidaptive iPad apps are based on the curriculum focused on Kindergarten readiness and hence can help kindergarten kids to learn a range of educational things. The idea of Learner Mosaic is to create a platform where the educational apps for kids can be assessed by parents to know how are their children performing or whether or not they are benefiting from them in any way. The app comes with many tips and activities which can help parents get more involved their child’s progress.

Kidaptive is now a popular company which has founded in the year 2002. The apps launched by this company combine high quality animations and a large educational content. The apps offer puzzles, activities, games and stories to educate children. The app can be downloaded by iPad users by logging onto the Apple iTunes Store.

Learner Mosaic app Download for  iTunes Store

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