LightArrow Launches Note-Taking Apps for Personal and Business Use On iOS Platform

The best business and productivity apps developer, LightArrow has recently launched a couple of note-taking apps – My.Notes and Pro.Notes for iOS users.

Note taking app

The 2 apps combine note organization, drawing, to-do lists, videos, images, checklists and handwriting all in a place. This provides a new level of standard for note management.

The Pro.Notes app is specially designed for business users who are looking for an app to easily manage, organize and take notes and also to manage online notes and files from their top-notch software.

The app consists of out-of-box features to manage online files from SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive; syncing the online content from the services like Toodledo and Evernote, and syncing from one device to another through cloud services.

Note-taking app

My.Notes is tailored for personal use, and consists of drawing, note organization and note-taking features. It features in-app purchases to access online contents like files and notes, syncing, and sharing in the next update.


Both the apps has dynamic note organization and retrieval, which lets users to tag, assort and add dates to notes. These apps also provide the ability to add images, videos and audio, and to draw or write with stylus or finger. Drawing tools feature 24 unique colors with alpha options, print, clear, linewidth choices, undo, erases and email capabilities to draw.

Both the apps are downloadable via Apple App Store. Pro.Notes is available for $2.99 and My.Notes is available for $0.99.

Download link for Pro.Notes

Download link for My.Notes

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