Madagascar Math Ops Game Review

Madagascar Math Ops is a latest entertaining math game created by Knowledge Adventure. If your kids like cartoons, but intensely dislike math, this game can make them excited about learning.

Madagascar Math Ops

This game features plenty of familiar characters from the movies of Madagascar series, including Private, Gloria, Rico, and Marty.

A bunch of animals will get kidnapped from the zoo and the penguins should save their kidnapped friends. In order to save their friends, penguins have created a funny device, Equationator that turns solved math problems into soda, which provides power to a soda-powered jetpack. After solving the problems, the device can be used to bust the animals out of their cages and relieve them (as in the Angry Birds-style games)

Madagascar Math Ops app

Players can play the game as a guest, or can register a profile to play. The game features kid-facing and adult-facing directions, which turns the game screen fun for children and transparent for adults.

The game features several number of math problems, each of which suits for the kids between 1st to 4th grade. The math problems are based on the standards developed by the professionals in the math field. With this, kids will be able to practice problems based on addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

Madagascar Math Ops game

This game consists of 3 difficulty modes to challenge the players. It is a fun game, and will grow with a kid as their abilities develop.

This edutainment game is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Download link for iOS users free version / premier version

Download link for Android users

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