Mailbox 1.6.2 for iOS Rectifies Account Reset Issue

The most prevalent email app for iOS, Mailbox, has received a minor update today. The latest version brings few bug fixes for account reset issue that has been pestering most users.


According to the company, the account reset issue has been troubling a significant number of iOS 7 users. Basically, the issue in Apple’s latest OS is repeatedly logging users out of their Gmail accounts. Subsequently, it causes dedicated users to get frustrated.

The company says that the source of the issue sits in the new Background Refresh feature in the Apple’s latest OS. They have also said that they are having discussions with other salient apps who are facing similar problems on iOS 7.

Mailbox app

According to the company, the latest version of the app doesn’t support (or disables) the background refresh feature to transiently bypass the problem.

If you have been pestered with the above mentioned issue, just grab the latest version of Mailbox from the Apple App Store. The app is available for free and is compatible with iDevices running iOS version 7 or above.

Mailbox download link for iOS (free)

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