Mailbox – an iOS App ditched its reservation system

Mailbox has finally removed it’s reservation system for mobile email client and it included a new facility to allow any iOS device user to download the App.

It’s just like a task management App specifically designed for the iOS powered smartphone users to quickly view and manage the emails without any strain. Users can easily organize multiple folders, half-written responses and all unopened messages.

Mailbox iOS App

 Mailbox App comes with an completely redesigned inbox using which users can swipe through different messages and later move them either to archive or trash. A special feature included in the App allow users to scan the entire conversation in a chat-like organization.

Mailbox iOS App will enable users to check their emails via the cloud service and then redirects them to their mobile phone. Users are provided with push notifications whenever a new email arrives in the inbox. It even supports adding multiple Gmail accounts to access them quickly while on the move.

Mailbox email App


  • Provides smarter snoozes and they can be adjusted based on the time
  • Supports quick swiping and users can swipe many items in a single instance
  • Enhanced user interface, using which users can view the email address by just double-tapping on the name bubble
  • Performance improvement
  • Minor bug fixes

Tap on this link to download the App for free.