Man of Steel Game Releases for iOS and Android Users

A new, exciting game has arrived on both the iOS and Android platforms! Warner Bros has recently released a superman game, Man of Steel based on the recent Hollywood movie of the same name.

Man of Steel

This game provides a wonderful mobile gaming experience that features the same storyline as the new movie through Story mode. This is a 3rd person action-packed game where players need to attack their foes one at a time. Once you are done with an enemy, you move on to the next one.

The basic gameplay works similar with the other mobile fighting games like the Infinity Blade role playing game with swiping gestures for blocking, attacking and dodging. The game also brings Superman’s super powers in between with fight, fantastic speed and the heart vision to help players to defeat Zod.

Man of Steel app

This game features 2 game modes; story mode and survival mode. The game also consists of 6 different suits for the Superman taken from the movie. Like other similar games, this game also has in-app purchase to upgrade certain abilities.

Become a dynamic superman and get into his world to fight your way in order to save the planet! The graphics are amazing with elegantly detailed cinematic sequences and liveliness.

Man of Steel game

This powerful 3D game is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone (costs $2.99) and iPad (costs $4.99), whereas Android users can download the game from Google Play Store for $4.99.

Download link for iPhone / iPad

Download link for Android 

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