Match-Three Puzzle Game Groops Hits iOS

Torched Media has launched a new game called Groops on iOS platform. This game is a match-three type puzzle game that features a tricky matching. Rather matching elements based on a single attribute like color, shape, or anything else, this game includes varied attributes.


Each level in the game features a four-by-four grid of shapes. Each shape has its own attribute, it may be a symbol, color, or something else. Each set of 3, alternatively Groops, should have shapes that are identical or entirely different properties of each shape.

The game features 2 different playing modes: Time Attack and Levels. As the name indicates, Levels mode consists of varied levels. Each level intimates you the number of Groops you need to make to get through. Totally there are 100 levels for now in the game, with 25 levels corresponding to 1 of 4 categories of difficulty.

While the second one, Time Attack mode, is more difficult than the initial mode. In 1 of 4 difficulty categories, you need to complete as many Groops as possible within a certain time limit.

Groops app

Moreover, the game also supports Game Center, which allows you play against your buddies or random players on either Expert or Hard mode.

iOS users can download this new Groops puzzle game from the following link (it’s only compatible with devices powered by iOS 7). The app is downloadable for $0.99 for now (as an introductory price) and later it returns to $1.99, so got get it right now!

Groops download link for iOS ($0.99)

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