Medium for iOS Lets You Write & Tell Stories that Matter to You

Medium, a popular blogging platform has updated its iOS app to allow users to compose stories and posts their iPhones and iPads. The new update makes it easy for you to share your stories, comments and ideas on the go. The app comes with a set of features, which will help you focus on improving your writing. The ability to write and tell stories through the mobile app is actually a feature that Medium fans have been asking for since start.


Medium for iOS has powerful features, which makes it a powerful tool for everyone to whom writing is a hobby. First, titles are an option when telling your story using Medium. You can use the video dictation feature of the app to speak and write and the simple header and quote formatting feature to format your headers and quotes.

Medium has a smart topography, and further gives its users the ability to add links and photos to their posts. The mobile writing is a new concept for medium, which is why the app is quite simple so far, allowing only one draft at a time. Writers can also get their stats with the app, perform a search as well as access their profiles.

Medium Download for iOS

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