Melesta Releases Toy Defense 2 for iOS Platform

Melesta Games has released Toy Defense 2, a sequel to its most popular Toy Defense game. This was the most awaited game from Melesta folks. Toy Defense 2 is an epic tower defense game that is set in the World War II environment.

Toy Defense 2

In this game, players are involved in different battles of WWII. This game introduces more in-depth levels, different battling units and fierce combat. Get into different missions to recruit and manage your crew to create your own dynamic army! Protect your base, battle against the invading deadly foes and develop your own winning strategy. You earn money as you destroy your enemies and you can spend the earned amount in upgrading your armed forces.

Toy Defense 2 app

Game highlights:

  • Consists of several exciting levels across 3 different worlds.
  • Excellent rebuilding of the WWII battles.
  • Different combat units for different worlds.
  • In-game notification center to keep you update with game events, updates, special offers, etc.
  • New powerful powerups to help you in the battle and many more.

Toy Defense 2 game

This is a Pick Up and Play kind of game with simple controls.The graphics are pretty good in this game. The environments are colorful and clear.

This game is available in the Apple App Store. This game works with the devices that run on iOS version 6.0 or later. This game is also available in HD version.

Download link for Toy Defense 2 –  free version paid version
Download link for Toy Defense 2 HD – free version / paid version

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