Memory Jar App For ios Users to Post Their Baby Pics

At present life is going at fast pace and try to capture all those moments with your devices and create memories by making use of the memory Jar App.
Memory Jar App was released in the App store and this App aids the parents to capture and store memorable pictures of their loved ones or kids. In present digital era, most of the parents are thinking off to store their children photos in digital ways rather than storing it in the physical photos.

Memory jar
Mostly due to security issues or cyber crime solve the Cyber world, definitely Facebook is not the best place to share or store your baby pics and exactly to resolve this issue, Memory Jar has launched this latest App.
Memory Jar will allow you save your favourite photos, add details to photos like date, name and captions if any. This allows you to add more memory and allows you to flip the picture to get complete details about the picture.

Memory Jar App

User can share their special pictures on Facebook, twitter or email and with integration of Evernote in the App, you can archive all special moments. The Memory Jar will let you share your kid’s childhood with in the family circle by maintaining privacy.
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