Microsoft Introduces Wordament – The First iOS Game with Xbox Live Achievements

If you love playing games, you must be knowing about a very famous puzzle game, Wordament which is a Windows Phone game. In a short period of time, this game achieved a very good response from the users and picked Xbox Live Achievements on the Windows Phone. This game has also made its way for the Windows 8, latest windows.

Wordament App

Recently, Microsoft has introduced this game to the iPhone. It is a 1st iOS game with Xbox Live Achievements. Same as that of other Microsoft iOS apps, log in making use of the Microsoft account of yours, and after you do that, the game gets connected to the gametag.

This is a word puzzle, two-minute challenge game. You should guess more number of words as possible as you can in the specific time period. This game allows you to compete against the players who are currently playing and on the same word. Each board will be unique and taking turns provide challenges like 2 and 3 letter diagram tiles and theme puzzles. Try to get more number of words or score bonuses by finding lengthy words.

This game supports thirty nine user interface languages. Theme puzzles are presently available in the Italian, English, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, French and German editions. More will be coming shortly.

You can download this game in iTunes for the iOS device.

Download link:

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