Microsoft Launches Office 365 App on iOS Platform

At last, the highly anticipated app, Microsoft Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers lands on the iOS platform! This new iOS app includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. All the 3 provides nearly similar editing experience as that of the Windows Phone MS Office Mobile version. But the only difference is that the Windows Phone version is a charge free app, whereas the iOS version requires users to sign up to the Office 365 subscription.

Office 365

This app lets users to access, edit and view their MS Office documents on the go. The files appear great on your device like the originals and thanks to the support for animations, graphs and charts. When users make quick edits or include comments to any of their files, the content and the formatting remain flawless.

The app includes resume reading functionality; when users access their document from SkyDrive on their device, it automatically resumes at the place where user left reading, even if they last accessed the document on their computer or other device.

Office 365 ios app

App features:

  • Ability to access documents from anywhere, anytime.
  • Cloud integration – allows you to access your files that are stored on the SharePoint, SkyDrive, or SkyDrive Pro.
  • Ability to view and edit the files that are pinned to email messages.
  • Great looking documents.
  • Resume reading functionality.
  • Ability to make quick edits.
  • Offline edits.
  • Send edited documents through email, or save them to SharePoint or SkyDrive.
  • Slide Navigator view in PowerPoint – provides a faster slides browsing.

microsoft Office 365 app

iOS users can download the app from Apple App Store. It is compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, iPad (3rd and 4th generations), iPad mini, iPad cellular + WiFi (4th gen), iPad mini cellular + WiFi and iPod touch (5th gen) and the app requires iOS version 6.1 or above. But do remember that this app requires users to have an Office 365 subscription to access the app.

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