Microsoft Releases Remote Desktop App for iOS, Mac and Android

Microsoft has just unleashed a new Remote Desktop app on iOS, Mac, and Android platforms. As the name signifies, the app allows users to smoothly access and control their Windows PC from their iDevice or Android device on the go.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

The app is primarily aimed at business users who are looking to get their work done on the go.

iOS, Mac and Android versions have got the following features in common:

  • Ability to access remote resources via Remote Desktop Gateway.
  • A rich multi-touch experience with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) & Microsoft RemoteFX supporting Windows gestures.
  • Provides a secure connection with NLA technology.
  • Easily manage all of your remote connections from connection center.
  • Offers a high-quality music and video streaming with enhanced compression and data bandwidth usage.

Microsoft Remote Desktop app

Furthermore, iOS and Mac versions have received an additional feature in common; you can now easily connect to external monitors/projectors for presentations.

In addition, Mac version has exclusively got two features (missing in iOS and Android versions):

  • You can now print your content from Windows apps to any printer that is configured on Mac.
  • Ability to access local files/documents on your Mac from Windows apps.

iOS, Android, and Mac users can grab the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the following links.

App download link for iOS (free)

App download link for Mac (free)

App download link for Android (free)

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