Microsoft unveils new Skype app for iPhone

Skype, the popular video calling platform by Microsoft has apparently been launched in a new redesigned format and this latest version is called Skype 5.0.  This new version has especially been ‘remastered for iPhone’ and comes with new and improved features. Even the iPad version shall soon be launched.

Skype 5.0 iPhone app

Skype 5.0 is claimed to be over 5 times faster than the old version and some improved functionalities include transitioning, animations, much smoother scrolling and better overall performance.  According to Microsoft, this is the biggest change made for the Skype app for iPhone but the interface of the app remains same for Windows and Android devices. This new 5.0 version shall not be having the classic tab bar anymore but will have colorful large buttons instead of it.

Apart from these features, Skype 5.0 will also be supporting improved synchronization of notification between different devices. This means that if you have read a message on one device, then it will automatically show as ‘read’ on another. Skype 5.0 also allows users to start group chats from the hub and even the recipients who are offline will see photos or messages as soon as they come online.  You can check out the look of the new version of Skype for iPhone online.

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