Smartwatch maker Pebble launches activity tracking app

Smartwatch maker Pebble has teamed up with gadget company Misfit to launch a smart activity tracking app which is called Misfit app. This latest app is designed to track a user’s daily activities without using any Smartphone software or app.

Misfit app

Misfit app comes with a unique algorithm and an interesting hardware and the combination of both these qualities makes it a unique app as compared to other such activity tracking apps present out there.  The app will be launched on iOS platform soon and this app will be equipped with support for Pebble watches. Moreover, this app will be able to track information like the number of calories burned by the users and the distance that the person has travelled etc.  By tracking these activities, the app keeps sending records and reports so that users can make efforts to improve their physical activity output.

Misfit app is like a two way partnership between Pebble and Misfit that allows Pebble to have its own standalone activity tracker wristband while Misfit takes the user preference in mind and does its job on its own. To download Misfit app, you can log onto the iTunes app store or Android Play Store.

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