The iOS Mobil Justice CA for All Law Enforcement Encounters

The American Civil Union of Liberty has finally launched a Smart Phone app, which users will definitely find useful for securely all law enforcement encounters. According to the ACUL, users can now use the Mobile Justice CA app on their iOS Smart Phone to track all law enforcement misconducts securely and easily. Mobile Justice CA is currently available for people living in Canada only.


The app works in quite an interesting way. It uses the normal camera to capture the ongoing event. However, instead of saving the video locally in your mobile phone, it will upload the video data to an ACLU affiliate for review. This is a great feature, which will help to assess and control purposeful theft, breakage and or accidents with ease. The Mobile Justice CA is the best app anyone in Canada will need for chronicling the violation of civil rights.

Another great feature of the app is the ability to send out alerts to the nearby users about the situation around them, making it possible for them to take the actions necessary. The app also has “know your right” resources, as well as regular updates on the upcoming events by the American Civil Union of Liberty.

Download for Mobile Justice app

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