Musicplayr launches an ios Application

MusicPlayr, a Berlin music startup which functions in a similar way to the playlist feature of different music players. It helps you search desired tracks from various cloud services like YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud,  other music blogs and queue it up in the playlist. Now this application is even available for Apple ios users.

This App brings all the key features of Musicplayr from internet to mobile that includes ability to search for new music, explore profiles, streaming song, creating play list and many more. The App is simple to use and there is no login required to listen your favourite music.


By navigating through the home page of the App, you can discover the music profiles of various people and start playing their favourite music. While the registered users can make use of the user option to access their profile and music collections.

Music streams provide extended views and flattened sights and the latter will be much helpful in browsing long playlists. Below every track you can either like it, comment or tap heart button to add it on to your own and favourite playlist. The song identification option present on the App allows you to tap the phone and tag your favourite track to add them in your playlist.

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