New Talking 3D Emoji 2 Released for iOS Users

Emoticons are the best picture characters to express one’s actual mood through cute little icons, without a written word in the text messages, chats or emails. To add more fun stuff to your messages, NJP apps has released Talking 3D Emoji 2 to the iOS platform most recently.

Talking 3D Emoji

This app provides cute little 3D picture characters, which can repeat what the users say to them, in a cute, hilarious voice. There are different types of silly and funny 3D Emojis to choose from; Smiley emoticons to Tooth and Love Heart emoticons. In additional to these emoticons, the app also includes a Talking Poo emoticon!

Talking 3D Emoji app

App highlights:

  • 10 different 3D emoticons to choose from.
  • Sing or talk to the funny emoticons.
  • Emoticons can hear and repeat whatever you say in funny voice.
  • Play your favorite track and listen how they sing.

You can record funny videos of your emoticons and share those videos on Facebook, Youtube or send them through MMS or Email. You are also allowed to save the videos onto your device and play it whenever you want and enjoy!

Talking 3D Emoji ios app

This app is free to download from Apple App Store. It is compatible with the devices that run on iOS version 5.1 or above. Grab this app and have lots of fun and enjoyment!

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