New York City Police Department Launches a new App called NYPD for iPhone and iPad devices

The police department of New York city has launched a new application that is supportive to all Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone.

The App is designed with an excellent user-friendly interface along with colourful icons that depicts different crime-watching tools, insider videos and breaking news.

NYPD iPhone App

The NYPD App will aid the private citizens to keep track of various crime-fighting activities within their block or in neighbourhood streets. It evens serves as an efficient tool for organizations with in the New York city to build a crime-watch alliance.

The New York police department has stated that the NYPD App will recognize the community members as their partners and takes necessary measures to safeguard the people in neighbourhood and reduce the crime rate within each community. It has added that technology is only the tool that aids in connecting laws enforcement with the communities in order to improve the quality of life.


 Features of the NYPD App:

  • Provides tips to stay away from criminal activities
  • Features the posters of wanted people in the city
  • Shares latest crime videos and breaking news
  • Users can connect directly to NYPD Facebook
  • Provides crime statics and precinct Boundaries
  • Visitors can even join NYPD through register option.

To download this free App, visit iTunes App store and then enter “NYPD” to get the App.

Download link:


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