The iOS Dropbox Updated to Upload to Upload to Your Account from any App

Dropbox will now become more useful to IOS device users because of its recent major update. The Dropbox Company has updated the Dropbox for iOS to enable iPhone and iPad users to upload files to their Dropbox account from just about any app in their devices. In short, you can save files to your account at any time using any app stored in your iOS device.

It is important to note that this will work for only those who have iOS 8 devices. To be precise, the Dropbox will be listed under the iOS 8 function and will give iOS 8 users the same ability as with those using the Android Smart Phones. With this extension, you will save files to any of your Dropbox folder. A progress bar is available to indicate how far your upload is along the uploading task.


Android users have had this power forever. The iOS users did not have this one until the coming of iOS 8 and now that it is eventually here, sharing or saving files to your Dropbox folders and subfolders should be seamless. The updated version of the Dropbox app for iOS 8 is currently available at the iTunes store and you can download it any time.

Dropbox App Download for IOS

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