Facebook iOS App Updated to Fix Battery Drain Issue

Sometimes, even the most amazing iPhone app can be a nuisance, and this is true for Facebook iOS app.  Although Facebook App for iPhone is perhaps certainly the most popularly used app on iOS smart devices, it has been a nightmare a couple of times. Recently, Facebook users complained that the iOS app was draining their Smartphone’s battery. Ari Grant, engineering manager at Facebook, said the previous app had a few key issued that caused premature battery drainage.

The Company has already updated the app for the Apple iPhones’ operating system to fix the batter drainage problem. Although only a few users have had this experience so far, the update was generally necessary to give all Facebook iOS app users the best user experience.


According to Ari Grant, the unexpected battery drainage was a result of what he called CPU Spin, a repeated processing that doesn’t reach an intended destination. The repeated process caused the app to use more battery than expected. However, the version released today has significant improvements that should solve the problem of premature battery drain.

The engineering team is continually working to improve the app to improve its battery usage. These significant changes will be implemented soon.

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