You Can Record and Send a 60-Second Video with Google Hangout 8.0 for iOS Smart Devices

If you own an iPhone Smartphone and you have used Google Hangout on it, you must have noted that the app actually enables people to send and receive video messages. The ability to send Hangout videos has been there since version 2.0 of Google Hangout for iOS, except you could only send a video that doesn’t exceed the tenth seconds mark. This means that if you had a video message that exceeded 10 seconds, sending the video as a file through Gmail was the only option.

Last week, Google decided to tweak its Hangout app just a little bit, giving every iOS smartphone owners who use this app to send even longer videos. Apparently, the latest version of Google Hangout for iOS, version 8.0, now allows iPhone and iPad owners to send and receive a 60-second video message. So, for those who have the best video and would like to share it through instant messaging on iOS, Hangout would be a perfect choice of an app.


Unfortunately, the ability to send video messages isn’t available for Android Smartphone users just yet – you cannot send the 10-second video leave alone the 60-second one. Maybe Google will add this feature on the Android App as well soon.

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