IceCream App for iOS Has Been Developed to Give You More Room for Photos

Photo shooting is a moment you cannot miss, so you will probably delete a few files from your iPhone if you don’t have enough space to store new images. It might be annoying to delete files from your smartphone’s memory, but you won’t really feel the pinch if the files themselves aren’t important. However, you can still capture your images without having to delete your old files using IceCream, an iOS app that gives you room for photos on your iOS smartphone.

IceCream is the best alternative to Google Photo, Everalbum and Dropbox for those using iPhones. In fact, it is the app you should be using now. IceCream for iOS enables you to free space on your iPhone. Once you free space on your smartphone, the app automatically gives you an exact estimate of the number of more photos to capture.


At this point, though, you might be thinking this app lets you free iPhone’s space by deleting files. Well, this isn’t the case. The app is developed in such a way it allows you to free up space without deleting even a single file – you will never click the delete option on your apps, videos or precious photos if you choose to use IceCream for iOS.

IceCream App Download for IOD

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