Spectrocoin Wallet App for iOS Unveiled

Spectrocoin has unveiled a new bitcoin wallet App for iOS devices. The company developed the app to appeal to the iOS device users and will now be more than just a desktop service. The actually name of the app is Spectrocoin Wallet. The app will now enable iOS Smart Phone user to receive and spend Bitcoins through email and or via the Bitcoin network.

The iOS users will further be able to exchange Bitcoins to and from Euros on the go. Additional features of the unveiled app include the ability to check balances and have access to the most recent transactions. The Spectrocoin Wallet is a great on-the-go trading Apps for iOS users who send, receive, exchange and spend ion Bitcoins.

SpectroCoin Wallet

The unveiled app makes the Spectrocoin more of a one-stop shop. From now, there will not be a need for any third party mobile app, as every trades-exchange, reception and use of bitcoin will take place on a single platform. Another advantage is that clients will now be able to have both BTC and EUR wallet on their iOS Smart Phones. The application will grab as many clients who pay online as possible, and because it is swift and now even more better and convenient, the market for Spectrocoin Wallet will diversify for sure.

SpectroCoin Wallet App Download for IOS

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