Nike+ Running for iOS Brings Photo-Sharing and Auto-Pause Functionality

One of the popular fitness apps on iOS, Nike+ Running has been updated to version 4.4, which brings a couple of noteworthy features.

Nike+ Running

First up, the update brings photo sharing functionality. Users can now capture a snap and then share it before, after, or during their run with their dear ones through Twitter, Path, Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, the update also brings an auto-pause functionality, which takes the advantage of your device’s GPS technology to detect when you have stopped moving. When it automatically pauses your workout, a small camera icon will appear on your screen allowing you to snap a picture. When you again start your task, the app will auto-detect and resume your workout.

The latest version of Nike+ Running is available in the Apple App Store for free. The app is compatible with iDevices running on iOS version 6.1 or above.

Nike+ Running download link for iOS (free)

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