Ninja Escape Pro : Revenge of the Dragon Clan – an endless iOS runner game

Ninja Escape Pro, an interesting game that allows the players to unlock new characters. The game requires its player to slide and jump.

While running through the streets present within the city, players will come across different coins that they need to pickup. Players on collecting 200 points will be capable to unlock a character and use that character to unlock other characters.

Ninja Escape Pro gaming App

On unlocking or equipping a character, players will acquire it’s characteristics and run as them. You can find some stunning characters that have short-term goals to run soon and unfold other core characters in the game.

The other interesting aspect about this game is players can run and challenge different types of top dragons and dreadful monsters. Regardless of the shape of monsters, players can still run in a straight line by jumping and sliding on the top of monsters.

Ninja Escape Pro gaming iOS App

Players must be careful while playing as you encounter with beasts one after the other and if the creature that you battle with is bit larger than the player’s character, it will smash and you get busted. Players have to jump on to other higher creature to avoid dismemberment or play quickly to unfold other characters that have more powers.

The App is compatible with all devices that run on iOS 5.0 operating system. To download this free action packed entertainment game, visit iTunes App store.

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