O2 TU Go- a mobile App that works similar to Skype

TU Go, a new App from O2 that works on both iOS and Android devices. With the App, users are now allowed to make calls through Wi-Fi to other phones using different networks.

The new App will allows its O2 monthly customers to make calls over the Cyber world using Apple, Android or Windows 7 devices. The App works similar to Skype’s paid calling service, but the only advantage of using O2 TU Go App is that users need not create separate account either to receive calls or messages.

TU Go App

Using the App, users can make calls, send messages and retrieve voice-mail until they stay connected to the Wi-Fi network. Once users are done with the downloading process, they need to authenticate their device using a SMS sent to their mobile device.

TU Go from O2

Features of O2 TU Go:

  • Users can either call or send text messages to any mobile number using the TU Go
  • Supports login into five devices and helps users in making calls
  • select the mobile network whether it is a GSM, Wi-Fi or fixed internet for incoming or outgoing calls
  • View the entire conversations and calling history in a single Timeline
  • Make use of the local address book to dial a number using the device’s keypad

Visit Google play store to download the App that supports Android devices and all iOS device users must visit iTunes App store.

iOS download:https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/tu-go-from-o2/id568007896?mt=8

Android download:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.tid.gconnect

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