Pandora for iOS Receives an Alarm Clock Mode for Waking You Up to Your Favorite Music

Music fanatics can already drift off to sleep to the sweet music of their desired Pandora radio stations. So why not use the same to wake up, as well? Pandora has just unleashed a revamp to its iOS version with a delightful alarm clock feature that wakes you up to your best-loved tracks.


As aforementioned, the recently added alarm clock feature allows users to wake up to their best-loved music. To schedule the alarm, go to menu on the upper-right corner and choose a particular time to wake you up. Then Then select one of your pre-made stations, then the length of the snooze time, and the volume. Thereafter click on the ‘Done’ button to get back to the menu and then click on the slider button to switch on the alarm.

The information that’s worth noting here is you need to keep the app open and leave the alarm screen on and an internet connection is necessary for the alarm to work.

When the scheduled alarm goes off, the track will begin to play, and you will have to tap the screen to either snooze or stop it. When you activate snooze, the music is paused for the pre-determined duration. Moreover, you can keep listening to the track by just tapping on the artist name or song’s title.

Here’s the complete changelog of the latest version:

  • Ability to select your desired stations to wake you up; you can even keep listening to the music if you like.
  • Includes snooze option.
  • Set sleep timer to listen to the music you like morning and night.
  • App has been overhauled to match iOS 7 interface.
  • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes to provide much better experience.

This is definitely a welcome new update for hardcore Pandora Radio users.

The latest version of Pandora Radio app for iOS is downloadable via the link given below. The app works with devices powered by iOS 5.0 or above firmware.

Pandora Radio download link for iOS (free)

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