Pandora Internet Radio officially launched in Australia and New Zealand

It has been a decade after the Pandora has launched its internet radio in United States. Due to its growing demand and huge increase in the user base, Pandora has launched the internet radio mobile App in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

This US based service was very popular in Kiwis, before it was blocked due to copyright problem in the year 2007. Last night Pandora has gone live in both New Zealand and Australia through a web based player and mobile Apps for Pandora internet on ios and Android are now available across the countries.

Pandora Internet Radio

The Pandora radio is a wonderful application that aids the listeners to enjoy their favorite music and discover music that they love to listen. Using this internet radio, you can connect with more than 100,000 + working musicians via the Pandora catalogue and tune into songs composed by your favourite musicians.

The internet radio service will mainly focus on personalization and depending on their personal tastes, this internet radio will let the listener to create their own stations.

Pandora is operated by Music Genome project and with a incredible feed back from the listeners depicting over 22 billion likes has made it the leading internet radio in New Zealand. Though Spotify, a popular music streaming service was launched in New Zealand , but it cannot withstand to the fan following of Pandora.

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