Path Launches messaging app for iOS and Android

Path has announced that launch of a new messaging app which is called Talk.  This is a standalone messaging app for iOS and Android device users and comes with new features than its previous version.

Path Talk App

Path Talk’s first change is that unlike earlier, there is no limit to the number of friends that you can have on it.  When it was launched earlier in the year 2000, users could have only 50 friends on it but later that limit was increased to 150.  This is a superb platform for social butterflies as it lets them connect to their friends and family instantly and is loaded with impressive features, one of which is he ambient status feature.  This feature keeps track of low battery, when you or your friends are on the go and when you are nearby.

Apart from launching this app, the company has also acquired a Platform called TalkTo. TalkTo is an app which works by employing agents to answer questions about certain places.  In this app, the company’s employees will put your call on hold, find the information you are looking for and answer you about the same right away. Path plans to merge Talk and TalkTo by the end of the summer.

Path Talk Download Android app (free)

Path Talk Download iOS app (free)

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