Physics-Based Puzzle Game Pop to Save is Released for iOS Users

A new game called Pop to Save has recently been dropped on the Apple App Store. It’s a physics-based puzzle game that encourages players to pop bubbles in order to save little creatures named Minas.

Pop to Save

There’s an evil witch who likes to use little minas for her potions. But one fine day, those creatures were able to escape from their bottle. But again they were trapped inside bubbles that are emerging from the witch’s cauldron. As a player, you need to pop those bubbles to save them.

In each level you need to draw lines with your finger and direct special particles from a magic ball toward minas (trapped inside bubbles) in order to pop bubbles and set them free. As you progress, the levels become more challenging, and you need to use additional gameplay elements, like lasers and portals.

Pop to Save app

Here’s the complete list of game features:

  • Awe-inspiring particle physics.
  • Delightful character.
  • Interesting story-driven gameplay.
  • Features brain-teasing puzzles.
  • 3 varied packages, 72 original levels.
  • Includes physics objects, lasers, multi-spawners, and many more.
  • Support for 6 languages.

iOS users can download this new Pop to Save game directly from the link provided below. The app is compatible with all the iDevices that run on iOS version 5.0 or above.

Pop to Save download link for iOS (free)

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