Pickie for iPad Receives an Update with New Page Layouts and Improved Product Search

The hot personalized shopping magazine app called Pickie for iPad, has been updated to the version 2.0. The update includes all-new design and a couple of changes.


If you are not familiar with the app, here’s how the app works: It’s a magazine-style app, which show off the things that you may like to purchase based on your preferences/tastes. This covers 3 categories; home goods, fashion and beauty. So actually, you will get a beautiful, tailored publication of the items you would like to buy.

Earlier, the app was allowing users to purchase certain products from few categories straightaway from within the app. However, it would couple with the third-party retailers mostly in order to complete the transaction. But with the latest release, shoppers will have the accessibility to all the products, all items are now shoppable!

Pickie app

Additionally, the app has received a fresh design with new colorful page layouts and improved video content. The update also provides an upgraded product search, which simplifies the way to find products.

Pickie for ipad

This beautiful app is only available for iPad users. The app is downloadable via Apple App Store for free.

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